Episode 7: The For-Purpose Year

2020 was terrible for business! Or was it just what we needed to get focused on what matters?In this episode of the For-Purpose Podcast, Chad Hickey sits down with three purpose leaders, Meg Runeari at Teads, Belinda J. Smith at WFA and Daniella Harkins at LiveRamp who are seeing 2020 as the year that will move business in the direction of doing what is right.

Episode 6 – The For-Purpose Agency Program

In this episode of the For-Purpose Podcast, Chad Hickey, CEO of Givsly, sits down with Marissa Tross, Group Director at Mindshare to discuss how their internal agency programs like Mindcares and The Collective authentically execute purpose driven initiatives for their clients and the community and also foster a more inclusive agency culture for their employees. 

Episode 4 – The For-Purpose Partnership

**Disclaimer – this podcast was recorded before the death of George Floyd. 

A discussion with Maureen Bosetti at Initiative discussing how partners can navigate outreach in today’s environment and how she sees purpose being a component of partnerships now and in the future. 

Guests: Maureen Bosetti – Chief Investment Officer at Initiative  

Episode 3 – The For-Purpose Experience

An episode that looks at how people can experience purpose together by changing the way they approach previous experiences – less happy hours, volunteer experiences at sales conferences, etc.

Guests: Ed Silhan, CRO of North America at S4M, Rob DeSalvo, SVP of National Sales and
Content Solutions at Undertone, Nicole Adams, Program Manager at SuitUp, & Nikkya
Hargrove, Director of Programs at Harboring Hearts.

Episode 2 – The For-Purpose Leader

In today’s environment, companies must put purpose at the core of their business. That focus starts with leadership. Hear from Daniella Harkins, GM of Strategic and Media Alliances at LiveRamp, and Sara Porritt, Senior Director of Integrated Media Planning and US Diversity and Inclusion Lead at OMD, talk about their approach to leadership and leading with purpose.